BERD as a % of GDP by Province (2009/10 - 2017/18)

In terms of business expenditure on R&D, the chart above shows that in 2017/18 Gauteng’s BERD as a percentage of GDP was the highest at 0.50% (up from 0.49% in 2016/17), followed by the Free State at 0.45% (unchanged from 2016/17) and Western Cape at 0.44% (up from 0.41% in 2016/17). The graph shows that BERD as a percentage of GDP in 2009/10 was higher than in 2017/18 for a number of provinces such as the Free State, Gauteng, Western Cape and KZN. BERD as a percentage of GDP was 0.27% for KZN in 2009/10 and has decreased to 0.22% in 2017/18.

NOTE: Calculations based on R&D expenditure for financial years whereas GDP is based on calendar years