Linda Zikhona Linganiso

Durban University of Technology (DUT)




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Who does this innovation help?

Industry looking for sustainable uses for waste, and entrepreneurs looking for innovative products and solutions.

About the Innovator

Linda grew up in the Eastern Cape, in an area of the Traskei known as Willowvale. Linda's passion is to solve the world's Perplexing Problems Scientifically.She is driven by the need to make this world a better place to live for the next generation.

How the Innovation Works

Both innovations use waste generated from manufacturing and agriculture to creat a myriad of new products, turning waste into wealth.

Innovation picture

An interview with the Innovator


What problem/s are you trying to address with your innovation?

Because African hair is challenging to manage with modern products and processes that can damage the hair making it lifeless, we have developed a series of products that will restore the natural beauty and health to African hair, as well as any hair type. The current market offers oils that are “one size fits all”, which we have seen doesn't work as every head is different. Our innovation therefore, is porosity specific oils and conditioners based on hair thickness.


What has been the toughest challenge/s to overcome in your innovation journey?

The challenge has been delays from the industries we partnered with due to covid-19 restrictions.


Where do you see yourself and your innovation in 5 years’ time?

The biggest lesson for me has been the fact that not every scientist is an innovator. Innovation is the successful introduction of a new idea to the marketplace. This transition can take a bit longer than anticipated.


What has been the biggest lesson so far?

In five years time, 1. Books: I would have increased the number of volumes for Waste-to-Profit book series to help the world to transition towards low carbon systems. 2. BioBricks: I am partnering with DUT to manufacture bricks to local consumption. We would have established a manufacturing industry and change the institution into a market place. 3. Bioenergy: We would have carried out techno-economics for setting up biogas technologies for Tongaat Hullet and ILLOVO Sugar. Establish medium to large Biogas Technologies to translate plant effluent to bioenergy. 4. BioPlastics: We would have established a SME with an international partner (Evergreen) for direct foreign investments to manufacture robust Biomaterials from recycled plastics.

Advice from the Innovator

Those who have less capacity to innovation will seldom approach you for collaboration but will try by all means to destruct you during the process but do not despair. Keep moving and focus on Productivity and Outputs. Keep your head up, be influential, courageous and remain strong with determination to rule in your domain. Maintain strong visibility and a greater sense of individuality. Dare to be authentic, be original and have multiple networks. Networks are very important, when one door shuts, numerous doors remain open, you can only succeed!!

About the Supporting Organisations Involved and Approach to Galvanising Support

Financially to perform market research and to develop the business plan

To but the equipment for BioPlastics

To support Human Capital Development