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Respo Technology (Pty) Ltd
Who does this innovation help?

The app will be targeted at emergency health care service providers and the general public. We will initially focus on areas that have historically experienced challenges in getting emergency medical response, such as rural and peri-urban areas as well as locations/townships.

About the Innovator

How the Innovation Works

Respo is a mobile app solution that uses GPS technology to find the exact location of a patient and also notifies the next of kin when an emergency occurs. This solution is aimed at reducing the time it takes for an ambulance to reach a patient, resulting in more lives saved during medical emergencies.

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An interview with the Innovator

Respo Mobile App is located in Durban central, at the Smart Xchange offices. This is where we sat down with Blessing Nzuzo and his team to find out more about his innovation.


What problem/s are you trying to address with your innovation?


What has been the toughest challenge/s to overcome in your innovation journey?

The toughest challenge for us to overcome to date has been raising funding for commercialisation.


Where do you see yourself and your innovation in 5 years’ time?

In the next 5 years, we intend to grow in a number of ways. Firstly, we will introduce new technologies and features to improve our service offering, such as developing new products that will enable customers to request emergency services in the absence of a smartphone. Secondly, we plan to expand into other sectors such as the private and home security sector. Lastly, we will work to get new partners and team members in order to expand our distribution channels beyond South African borders.


What has been the biggest lesson so far?

Advice from the Innovator

The biggest lesson so far has been the importance of getting the right team with complementary skills to propel the project and maintain consistency in order to get the job done. One thing that Blessing wishes he knew at the start of this innovation is the extent to which emotional intelligence influences the success of the innovation.

About the Supporting Organisations Involved and Approach to Galvanising Support

Respo Technology received seed funding from Smart Xchange and the Technology Innovation Agency and won R250,000 in business support from Ithala business awards after Respo Technology came in first place for the Inkunz’Isematholeni Youth in Business category.


Business Support